Friday, September 22, 2017

IN STOCK: "Little Pieces of Violence" CD released by Phage Tapes

$12.70ppd within the U.S.;  payment to bitewerks556 attttt

Europe/Japan: It's $13.50 to ship one cd. Two, maybe three can be shipped for the same postage rate.
A single cd is $9 so let me know how many you're interested in.

Wholesale inquiries should contact PHAGE TAPES. Canadians should also consider
Phage as he's close to the border which would cut down on transit time. The info for Phage is in an earlier post.

 "if Foul Inside was an appetizer, then LPOV is the main course.  MANIA is my current noise/P.E. fix.  never disappoints.  being on Phage Tapes, glad this made it to CD.  i don't buy cassettes and i believe the only other PT release i have is Mania / Hal Hutchinson ‎– Wreckage.  the artwork / collages are equally recognizable as the sounds.  i like the back cover.  simple, but effective.  the title is recessed behind a rusty looking grate.  produces an uneasy feeling.  as for the sounds, you know what to expect.  presented with aggression.  claustrophobic electronics / junk metal abuse.  at times, slow and building, while others, full on.  has elements of both noise and P.E.  track eight ends the disc with a sample taken from the 1971 movie Klute probably recorded from TCM."

review by Special Interests forum member, KMUSSELMAN

" Mania - Little Pieces of Violence CD - Phage Tapes - it's hard to say what makes one Mania release better than the next, but something about this album has a perfect balance of all the things I enjoy about Mania. crisp and clear sound which serves the metal work so well; fried electrical fizzing; those weird low end synths; and of course, vocal eruptions from beneath it all. there's an actual sense of album progression and things really pick up in the 2nd half of the CD. the aforementioned Klute sample in the last track makes it the stand out for me. I love that movie and the track has the most effective atmosphere of dread and violence. this is just hitting me perfectly. highly recommended."

review by CONCRETE MASCARA on the S.I. forum