Thursday, May 31, 2018

MANIA/DETERGE "Lay Waste/Future of Pulse" split LP

I have the regular LP with insert & a handful of extra collab. tapes. Email bitewerks556 attt gmail dot com for payment info. LP is $15, tape is $7. Postage is extra.

I should have more copies of the tape later. The metal plate ed. is sold out.

Audio samples from the collaboration tape & MANIA side of the split LP have been posted here:                    

Friday, February 23, 2018

Mania “Little Pieces of Violence” CD (Phage Tapes)
            Although I can hear the lineage that Mania's been progressing on since around, I dunno, Ultra-Negative or Insidious & Alone, this is the most specific and developed Mania yet, beyond Grim Conditions, Decrepit, or Foul Inside – from track one, the most use of reverb and space is made, along with the individual sounds being more distinct than ever with a lot of saturation but little bleed-through.
              I think it's now time for me to admit that the newer Mania material, especially this one, makes some of the older stuff sound like shit in comparison. Yes, that much of a difference. Several years ago, I liked Hate Like Hell, Miserable Disposition, and Disgust a whole lot, but today, on account of these more developed releases, they just sound like the stuff between Taint and Mania that bridges the gap. Nowadays we see Bitewerks as a master of subtlety – who'da thunk it? Metal junk stays in the background, rattling, clunking and smacking around instead of smashin' n' bashin' (some of it sounds tonal!). Vocals seethe and bleed out of the mix instead of roaring, screeching, and so on – but still with the signature echo and flange with accompanying sexy feedback that beats the piss outta Ramleh (sorry!). Some excellent torture screams midway through. It also seems as though his use of synth electronics have scaled back over this time, without losing any nastiness – always wet, drooling, and ready even if they're not especially loud or in-your-face. Whitehouse influence is even there – Peter Kurten, New Britain, Right To Kill. Sexy, warbly high-pitched tones with an overloaded phase effect and backround explosions, who else are you gonna think of? Someone once wrote that Taint was like Whitehouse on steroids. It wasn't. Mania is like Whitehouse on really good speed. A dab'll do ya. Quality over quantity. At one point, things start to remind me of Iron Fist Of  The Sun, of all fucking things. That kind of comparative weirdness is why I like these subgenres of music. Even some japanoise delay-stutter towards the end! Guy always delivers but always surprises. How many projects like this can you say that about?
               One last note on the vocals – only gets better with each release. I can tell there are lyrics in some parts, only vocalisation in others. So few could get away with that! Some of my other “favorites” couldn't. I wanna suggest that more should try that technique, know.

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