Saturday, July 2, 2016


OUT NOW.....


Collapsed Hole Noise is proud to present this split tape release between two of the USA's longest lasting noise sickos....PHOCOMELUS is an alias of Patrick O'Neil, also known as SKIN CRIME, and as soon as the assault starts fanatics will immediately notice the signature sound that even after 20 years they are still craving for more! Prepare to get lost in a relentless, hypnotizing, static storm of heavily layered tortured electronics... classic psychadellic brain melting sound! Then your corpse is left the hands of one of Texas' most prolific libertines... MANIA. A more subdued approach then he is known for, this time it is all about atmosphere - cold and oppressive. An industrial dungeon of clattering metal and chains with the occassional interruption from piercing feedback instantly recognized as one of his cruelest weapons. Distorted vocals, grunting and howling from the torturer, last sighs of life from the tortured. 

Hand-painted tapes, dubbed real-time, packed in 5x7" 2mil. ziplock bag featuring full color double-sided pro-printed artwork on heavy cardstock - 
the Mania side being a collage created by Bitewerks specifically for this release. Also includes an additional b&w double-sided photocopied insert. 

Limited, numbered edition of 96 copies.