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FOUL INSIDE art edition

 MALIGNANT RECORDS has some copies of the special art edition of "Foul Inside":

Mania “Foul Inside” mCD (Freak Animal, 2017)
         Just a couple of minutes in already seems like Mania at his most impressionistic, even compared to Decrepit and Grim Conditions. Opens with echoed patches of mid-range static, nice and toothy, which soon builds and lets out some relatively spastic vocals which seem more on-top-of-the mix for Mania and sound like they're switching from delay to chorus to reverb effects but smoothly.
         Second piece opens to microtonal noise that seems to spew out bigger, heavier patches of noise while undulating synth bubbles and slogs out from underneath. Really wet, messy textures slopping around the mix with some delay and reverb, a nice twisting oscillation in the background. If I were to have titled this track, it'd be “Total Prolapse,” but that's just me. Has an almost tape-decayed quality that suggests an acoustic source for some of the sound.
         Third piece opens to warped (Tape warped? Power-starved?) wispy electronic sweeps with some acoustic clacking and bumping in the foreground and background – then a heavy electronic buzz starts throbbing and muffles the other elements. So far, this is a restrained but seriously mutated version of the Mania sound/style, and I am tempted to say his best work yet. Junk acoustics rise to the foreground against what sounds like a glass slide tapping as the synth throb modulates subtly. Some more spastic synth work fades in alongside some seriously odd feedback work before the background textures take on a character more like Sick Seed or Gelsomina than anything in my Mania collection. Not at all a bad thing in one of the few times I've even been able to compare Mania to anything else out there. When the vocals finally bleed in in trademark echo style, they're almost howled. Deranged even by these standards. Yep, this is the best stuff Mania's ever done, no question about that. The background interaction of metal, feedback, and synth starts to sort of sag and decay before bursting back into crispy static patches, making me wonder again if any power starve was involved. Things cut off like a door being shut.
         Fourth piece opens to familiar bassy, subtle, quiet metal dragging and clanking with roomy reverb. Subtle electronic whirring behind. Not unlike material from the split with SSRI. Odd feedback drones hum and oscillate in the middle of the mix. Acoustic rattling sounds almost like plastic before the metal tones pick up again. Either a great reverb unit is involved or Bitewerks has one excellent practice space. This is so spacious and enveloping, it's almost like a musique concrete take on Mania style! Another thing that's improved on an already good element is the balance between frequencies as well as heavy and brittle textures in both the electronic and acoustic sounds. Some thin, nasty Whitehouse/SJ-type static sort of sinks in and then fades after not even a minute, and then only reverberated metal scraping just before silence.
         Best material Mania has come out with yet. Restrained, meticulous violence. Not really harsh noise, not purely power electronics, certainly not industrial; it's just Mania. But where do you go from here??

review by  J. Peterson

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FOUL INSIDE on Freak Animal



"FOUL INSIDE" mcd is available for $10ppd within the U.S. Friends & Family payment to bitewerks556 at gmail.com

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Malignant Records has the RED LIGHT &  MANIA "Grim Conditions" cassettes released by Freak Animal  in stock in their tape section...